The INTIMIDATOR- by GarE Maxton

June 2010
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I've done Complex   ,  I've done Religious   ,  I've done Precious   ....................
Now let's try Intimidating!    

Introducing the INTIMIDATOR Puzzle Sculpture. This design is by far my most complex metal sculpture and it's both mentally and physically intimidating, thus the name. For those challenged by Micro-Conundrum, I suggest giving this sculpture a wide berth. This design expands the limits of what is considered possible for a puzzle; it's a puzzle with an intimidating function.

In June 2009, starting with a few extra parts from my Labyrinth sculpture, I began working night and day creating this sculpture. It grew to eight inches tall, four inches deep and five inches wide; there's a lot of volume to fill with interlocking parts and assembly of this puzzle is extremely difficult; you'll need a lot of time on your hands. Physically, it tips the scale at over 40 pounds. It sports a familiar look:

The INTIMIDATOR Fully Assembled
The INTIMIDATOR, 8" Tall x 5" Wide x 4" Deep.
Six different metals are used to create this colorful desktop sculpture.

And to discourage unauthorized access, the sculpture requires a special key to begin disassembly of the puzzle sculpture.

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Video Showing Disassembly of the INTIMIDATOR Puzzle and Firing of the INTIMIDATOR Pistol
Video Showing Disassembly
Video Showing Assembly
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