(three separate cubes shown)

24K Pure Gold (Top) Pure Silver (Middle)

For my Conundrum III, Mini-Conundrum, Mini-Conundrum X2 and Pyramid I sculptures I currently offer the central cube in pure silver bullion; this can make your sculpture even more of an investment in metals. The bottom cube shown is not a precious metal cube at all but an interesting copper box (for hiding something small). Please visit my site map for further details on each of the above mentioned sculptures. Gold is no longer available on my website. Contact GarE Maxton.


(two Mini-Conundrums shown)

Edge Rounding on Left (Maxton's Standard) &  Reduced Edge Rounding on Right (a Sharper Appearance)

With a significantly smaller cube like Mini-Conundrum; full edge rounding is not necessary; the sculpture doesn't weigh enough to feel SHARP in your hands. I prefer and will continue to make all sculptures with my standard edge rounding; with my larger works, if I don't round the edges of each piece excessively, it almost hurts to lift them up. This is primarily a weight related issue and has to be accounted for in creating interactive sculpture.

SCULPTURE AVAILABILITY- Check eBay to see what's available for immediate delivery.
Micro-Conundrum X2
Micro-Conundrum X3
Mini-Conundrum V2 - SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT- No Longer Available
Mini-Conundrum X2 - SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT- No Longer Available
Available for Online Ordering
Conundrum - SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT- No Longer Available
Conundrum II - SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT- No Longer Available
Conundrum III
Available for Online Ordering
The Labyrinth- SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT- No Longer Available
Pyramid I
Available for Online Ordering
Symmetry I
Available for Online Ordering
Symmetry II
Symmetry III (standard version)
Pen Chest
Available for Online Ordering
Ring Chest
Available for Online Ordering
** Maxton sculptures are initially produced in runs of 5 or more units on sophisticated CNC machines. Upon completion,  the Rough pieces need to be sanded to remove surface scratches and all edges need to be rounded. This is a very time-consuming process; there are a lot of edges and surfaces!  In fact, so time-consuming that the Rough sculptures are not really available for sale. After completion of all surface sanding and edge rounding, the pieces are fitted together and then a sculpture becomes "Available" for sale. "Available" sculptures still need to have the brushed finish or patina (coloration) added and subsequent waxing of each piece before shipping. This typically takes a minimum of 2 weeks after an order is received. On puzzles with large numbers of pieces like Labyrinth, Mini-Conundrum X2 and Conundrum III this can take up to 8 weeks.

When a sculpture is still being produced but parts inventory is incomplete a sculpture will be marked "PRODUCTION RUN SOLD OUT". When all the planned production of a particular sculpture is sold, the puzzle sculpture becomes "SOLD OUT - No Longer Available".

(2 Mini-Conundrums shown)

Generally lighter patina on left and generally darker patina on right

(notice the differences between the sculptures in the:
copper on the left side
aluminum in the upper right
brass in the lower right
bronze in the lower center.

In either case some metals like magnesium in the top center
remains essentially the same either way.

Patinas always vary from sculpture to sculpture; no two are the same.
Here's another example.

Puzzle Profiles Showing Relative Sizes
Profile View of Maxton Sculptures showing relative sizes:
Names from left to right:
Micro-Conundrum, Mini-Conundrum V2, Mini-Conundrum, Conundrum,
Symmetry I, Labyrinth, Cross, & Symmetry II.
(Smallest 1.0 inches to Largest 28 inches tall, 12" scale on right).

Maxton's Best Machining Resources
Haas Precision Corporation

  Walter Haas provides excellent wire EDM machining work.
Call Walter at 519-737-8900 or Email: Walter Haas.

  Nick Carter Tools offers the Taig line and great support for their products.

  Jack Heald offers the Minitech line of ballscrew based micro mills, the professional jewelers choice! You don't find quality like this in a small envelope, anywhere else! .



A full credit will be issued after the Customer returns the undamaged artwork with the original packaging and documentation. The Customer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs and must request a return within the stated "Return Request Period" listed on the right side of the Online Order Form. No Returns after the Return Request Period has elapsed. Also, custom items and precious metal purchases are not returnable.

Please email Return Request to: for details and specific instructions on sending in your artwork.

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