Christian Cross

(for public places)

Spring, 2007

It seemed logical to use the modular nature of my Symmetry series puzzle sculptures to come up with a larger scale design that could be used to adorn the walls in public buildings and private homes. So, as my first attempt, I assembled a widely recognized symbol. This Cross stands 28" tall, 20" wide and 4" thick; it is composed of over 200 pieces of interlocking brass and aluminum and weighs just under 100 pounds. Please check out these two photographs. This sculpture is for indoor display only!

Please click on this photo for a more detailed view!
Maxton's Christian Cross
Mounting hardware can be designed for your floor, shelf or wall display requirements.
The wooden base is for photographic purposes only and is not attached to the cross.
A 15" ruler is shown on the left for scale.

Dimensions 28"H 20"W 4"D
Weight Approx. 100 lbs.
Metal Composition Brass and Aluminum
Complexity Over 200 interlocking pieces

Maxton's Christian Cross
Manifesting a monumental appearance

Please email your specific installation requirements or other questions to:

Prices for the Cross start at five figures and include delivery with onsite assembly anywhere in the continental United States; physical installation after on-site assembly and the creation of custom mountings will be an additional cost.