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Intimidator with Standard Sight
INTIMIDATOR fitted with standard gun sight.

Unlocking Intimidator
The key is used to open the puzzle block by magnetically attracting the lever piece.
Intimidator Lever
Then the lever is pushed down to allow removal of the top piece.

Special Sculpture Tools
This customized hex tool is hidden inside the sculpture.

Intimidator Key
The puzzle key is unusable unless the top cover is removed. The separation
line is quite subtle so it's not obvious that it breaks down into two pieces.

Intimidator Key Open
The key (left) with the cover removed.

Ammunition can be stored within the sculpture; shown here is a 45 Caliber Bullet, a Black Powder Pellet and a 209 Shotgun Primer.


Gun Powder Case
The gun powder pellets are stored in this small brass case.
Gun Powder Case
The top slides off and the pellets can be removed.

Primer Assembly Closed
The shotgun primers are safely stored in these bolted together puzzle parts.
Primer Assembly Opened
The top piece slides off after the bolt is removed allowing access to the 3 primers.

These two interesting shaped parts create a subassembly with a hole that fits around another piece of the sculpture.


This subassembly requires one piece to be turned inside the next.
The subassembly shown ready to install.

Parts Enclosures
The handle grips and sight mount are embedded in special enclosure pieces in the sculpture.

Firing Pin Assembly
There is a special part made to retain the steel firing pin inside the firing pin assembly so it doesn't fall out.
Firing Pin Assembly and Primer Removal Tool
The part is removed before installing the hammer spring assembly and is also used as a tool to remove spent primers from the breach plug.

Barrel Chamber Reinforcement Bushing Assembly
The barrel chamber reinforcement bushing encloses the hammer spring assembly.
Hammer Spring Assembly, Barrel Chamber Reinforcement Bushing & Threaded Adapter
The hammer spring assembly (left), the barrel chamber reinforcement bushing (center) and a threaded adapter (right).

Hammer Weight
The threaded knob that retains the hex bits inside the hex tool becomes the hammer weight.

Ramrod Exposed
The handle of the ramrod can be seen on the left as we take the sculpture apart.
The hex tool is located in the round hole on the right.
The handle of the pistol is revealed in the center.

A brass bullet adapter is added to complete the ramrod.

The barrel is composed of these three parts
The barrel is a modified Green Mountain 45 caliber rifled 1:20 Twist .009" Groove Octagon barrel (left), the breach plug with gun grease on threads (right front) and the bronze barrel reinforcement bushing (right rear).

The barrel fully assembled.

The barrel rifling up close
The barrel rifling by Green Mountain - 1:20 Twist.

Sculpture Without Patina
The sculpture before application of the patina.

Intimidator Nameplate & Serial Number
Intimidator Nameplate and Serial Number.

National Firearms Act Stamp

National Firearms Act Stamp for this pistol.


GarE Logo and Date
Manufacturer's signature dated 2010