Micro-Conundrum- by GarE Maxton


Easter 2008



I'm very excited to announce the release of my newest sculpture - the Micro-Conundrum. At one-inch cubed, this sculpture is my smallest metal puzzle to date, and weighs just four ounces. It is composed of six interlocking pieces which can be ordered in a variety of finishes.

The size and scale of the Micro-Conundrum puzzle makes it a unique sculpture, beautiful in it's own right, and also completely interchangeable with the central cube in my other sculptures. Using the Micro-Conundrum as the nucleus in a Mini-Conundrum, the sculpture becomes a 22 piece puzzle rather than 17, and the extremely challenging Mini-Conundrum X2 sculpture a 49 piece puzzle instead of the current 44.

For precious metal investors owning a central cube in gold or silver; it may be advisable to replace it with a Micro-Conundrum and lock the precious metal piece in a safe place for future price appreciation.

For those collectors who currently own one or more of my puzzles, I will gladly match your new Micro-Conundrum (with rounded edges) to your existing rounded Mini-Conundrum and/or X2 sculpture both in fit and patina, making all pieces entirely complimentary and having the appearance of being made and purchased at the same time. I can do so for the cost of return shipping on your sculpture.

As with all of my other sculptures, Micro-Conundrum is colorful because it contains an assortment of metals. Each puzzle will consist of at least five different metals. This metals list, which may be revised from time to time, presently includes:

Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Silicon Bronze, Zinc, Aluminum Bronze, Cast Iron or Steel and Neodynium Iron

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to call me weekdays 9-5 EST at 734-662-GARE (4273) or Contact me by email.

Best Regards,


GarE Maxton

June 30, 2008 Update

All initial layaways of my Micro-Conundrum sculpture will ship in July. Micro-Conundrum ordering with 2 week completion has been added to this page.

Micro-Conundrum               by GarE Maxton

Sculpture Variations
the Cube with 12 Rounded Exterior Edges
the Micro-Conundrum with 12 Rounded Exterior Edges
and a Light Patina
the Cube with Rounded Edges on Each Piece
the Micro-Conundrum with Rounded Edges on Each Piece
and a Light or Dark Patina to match your existing
Mini-Conundrum sculpture

Micro-Conundrum - Puzzle Sculpture with 12 Rounded Exterior Edges
Micro-Conundrum - Puzzle Sculpture with All Rounded Exterior Edges

Special variations of the Micro-Conundrum sculpture will be made from time to time........
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September 2008

  This Micro-Conundrum was made from Nickel Silver & Copper Mokem Gane.

September 2008

  These Micro-Conundrums are made from Pure Silver.

July 2008

  This Micro-Conundrum is beveled and mirror polished.

May 2008

This unusual Micro-Conundrumwas made from a new material called M3 metal; it has a unique appearance and was sold on Ebay.

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Micro-Conundrum Pieces
Micro-Conundrum - 6 pieces create the assembled sculpture

Maxton at G4G8
The Micro-Conundrum gets a closer look at G4G8, Atlanta, Georgia March 30, 2008

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