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Maxton USA began its first property development project in Ann Arbor in 1983 on a small wood shingle commercially zoned duplex.

After completion in 1985 the company went on to renovate severely distressed unoccupiable buildings in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan. We completed projects at 438 South Huron Street, 21 North Huron Street, 104/106 West Michigan Avenue and 108/110 Pearl Street over the next 8 years. The 110 Pearl Street project known as GAR Hall was saved just in time as the roof integrity had completely failed and interior damage was complete except for the outer walls, floor and ceiling joists. This project was our last and most successful historic renovation. Both 104/106 W. Michigan and 108/110 Pearl were nationally certified projects with the Department of the Interior.

We subsequently became involved in a land development joint venture in South Lyon, Michigan. This project required 6 years and moved very slowly. There were long periods of waiting for Green Oak Township Planning Department bureaucrats and endless meetings with highly vocal special interest groups. The project eventually became a lawsuit dispute between Green Oak Township and our joint venture partner Green Oak Properties, Inc. Subsequently we sold our interest in the development to our partner, left the Township and have never looked back.

Part of the South Lyon property was exchanged for an office plaza on Washtenaw Avenue in Ypsilanti, Michigan near Catherine McAuley Health Center, Washtenaw County Community College and EMU Rynearson Stadium. This Plaza, subsequently named Maxton Plaza, is a totally modern commercial complex. The location is on a major traffic artery between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti and provides easy access to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.

In 2002, we set up our "Art Gallery" to display unique art work on the internet.