Ring Chest - by GarE Maxton 9/29/2005


I modified my Pen Chest to store rings............

Maxton's Ring Chest
Lid Open with Ring Displayed (custom groove fits ring band)
Maxton's Ring Chest

Maxton's Ring Chest is designed to show off your favorite ring. It is composed of 6 metal pieces joined permanently together with steel pins. The precisely balanced brass lid opens ninety degrees as shown below creating a superb display for your favorite ring. There are three metals used in each chest; copper, brass and aluminum. The rounded end caps are aluminum; the metal spacers are brass; the lid is brass and the base is copper. Unlike my puzzle sculptures, this chest arrives fully assembled: the outside dimensions are 2.75" long, 1.25" thick and 1.75" high when closed. All parts are milled from solid bars of metal. The weight is a very pleasing 1 pound. The chest will accomodate any ring up to 1" in diameter (side to side) with a setting size up to 3/4" diameter and is cut based on the thickness of the band on your ring and the height of your ring from top to bottom. All is included in the price. If your ring is somewhat larger, email me. These chests are available now!

Maxton's Ring Chest
Lid Closed
Maxton's Ring Chest
Lid Open
Maxton's Pen Chest


GarE Maxton

Maxton's Ring Chest - a unique desktop ring display:
(Mount Diameter must be under 3/4")
Ring Band Thickness:
(Measure the thickest part of the bottom half)

Ring Height: 
(Measure Top to Bottom)

Unlimited Edition
Custom made to fit your
2 to 3 weeks
with brushed finish
For Packaging, Shipping and Insurance: add 3% anywhere in the continental United States OR add 4% to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii OR add 5% to EU, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Elsewhere; E-mail gmaxton@maxton.com for actual shipping/handling fees.

Maxton's Ring Chest Markings
Maxton's Ring Chest Markings

Ring Chest for Mark and Deborah from the UK

July 2013 per Mark................

"I just thought Id send you a couple of photos of my wife's (Deborah) ring in situ in your most excellent ring chest. Its the first time we have had some decent sunshine here since the two were put together.

The design of ring we had made changed somewhat since the original thoughts on it hence the need for the insert in the slot to hold it upright.

The ring is for her to remember her father by who died at the end of the last year. He was miner and the seven stones in the ring represent the seven decades of his life. The three black sapphires in the middle represent to 30 years he worked as a coal miner and the other London blue topaz stones were chosen because Topaz is his birth stone.

Thanks again for the chest, it is a wonderful talking point to whoever sees it."

Mark Woolrich Ring Chest

Marcelo Wong & Sakie Tang

In August, 2011 Marcelo Wong flew to Puerto Rico with a white diamond ring to propose to his girlfriend Sakie Tang during an excursion to the island of Vieques. Marcelo picked a dark night with a cloud covered moon for kayaking with her in one of Vieque's world famous bioluminescent bays. When they reached the middle of the bay, Marcelo without warning jumped into the water instantly causing an immense bioluminescent glow. To Sakie's greater surprise, Marcelo proposed and presented his ring beautifully placed in a Maxton Ring Chest. As soul mates would, Sakie jumped into the water too, feeling she should be at an equal level before accepting his proposal; at which point Marcello took the ring out of the chest and placed it on her finger.
Marcelo Wong & Sakie Tang